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Is your boyfriend good Marriage Material?
There is no perfect way to find out if you are with your Mr Perfect. In fact If you are looking for a Mister who is Perfect, you might as well stop looking and recognize that perfection simply doesn’t...
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Uncover the Secrets of Lasting Couples
Relationships are never easy. And the longer you stay in a relationship, the easier it is to drift into routine, killing the original romance.
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UK Government cracks down on migrant hoax marriages
The UK Government is proposing to crack down on immigrants using fake marriages as a “back door” into Britain.
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Ready for your close up?

Do you want to stop people in their tracks as they scroll through pages and pages of dating profiles?  Of course, you do.

I run the UK’s only

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Man rises to challenge to win love's hand
When Jonathan Horwath decided that he wanted to marry girlfriend Katherine Corner, her family set him a challenge - to run the Great North Run.
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Women rejecting the new man
Having taken centuries to achieve a greater gender balance and narrow the gaps between the sexes, women are no longer opting for men who are sensitive and take care of their appearance.
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Teachers wed with school's support
A school was recently the scene of romance, as two teachers tied the knot.
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Arranged marriages to air on British TV
The Asian tradition of arranged marriages will be gracing our screens, as Arrange Me a Marriage comes to BBC2 next month.
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