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Silver Separations: Rising Divorces In the UK
Such is the rapid increase of divorce rates in the over 60s age range that it has now been labeled as the “silver separations” generation.
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What women want
When it comes to finding Mr Right, a man's height is more important to a woman than his looks, and weight is more crucial than earnings, according to a new survey of 40,000 women, UK dating researchers found.
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Gays covet Daniel and Keira
Bond star Daniel Craig has topped a list of the British celebrities gay men would most like to date.
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Silver Surfers finding love online
You might think that online dating is a pastime of the young, hip and trendy, but new research reveals that an increasing number of pensioners are finding love on the internet.
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Are Irish men really the most ugly in Europe?
The crazed notion that Irish men are the continent’s least beautiful people has come from online dating site
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Over-50s take to online dating and socialising
An increasing number of over-50s use the internet to help their love life, according to new research.
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