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Women want weedy guys for long-term love
Women want men who are less manly and more weedy when it comes to finding a partner for marriage, a new survey by the University of Durham has revealed.
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Women marrying later and later

According to the Office For National Statistics, the age at which British women marry for the first time has been climbing. Most interestingly, the number getting married for the first time in thei

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What women want: more than just good looks
A man with a great personality and good sense of humour is more attractive than one who is just good to look at, according to a survey.
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Are you sure it isn't you?
A new self-help book claims it can help women overcome their personal obstacles to relationship contentment.
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Study aims to understand love
Popular psychologist Dr Raj Persaud is inviting seeking participants for an online experiment designed to unlock the secrets of love.
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Personality over looks
Men and women really do go for brains over beauty when it comes to finding a mate, according to a relationship expert.
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British women 'love stubbly men'
British women prefer men with stubble because they are deemed to be more macho, according to a new survey.
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Not my type
A dating expert has been exploring how our personality can shape our relationship.
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