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Clooney starting to swoon
George Clooney seems to have found love with a lucky young lady, Sarah Larson, who won Fear Factor.
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Sexy soap moments
Erotic soap moments are doing it for couples the nation over. And some sexy clinches have made the history books.
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You may kiss the mini-bride
A Chinese couple are waiting on the Guinness Book of Records to confirm that they are the shortest ever newly-weds.
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Dater Tennant disappoints female fans
Doctor Who star David Tennant is happily dating again after splitting from Thunderbirds actress Sophia Myles.
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National Kissing Statistics
Only five per cent of over 45s manage more than 30 kisses a week
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Be romantic for charity
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is offering a chance to be romantic, while raising money for charity.
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Loved up seniors share secrets of staying power
A global study of couples who have been together for fifty or more years unlocks the secrets of long-term marital bliss.
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Grooms 'uncertain' about brides' past
Grooms in the UK are not entirely certain about the whole of their brides' past, according to a new survey.
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