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Couple divorce after cheating?with each other
A cheating couple got a nasty surprise when they realised that they had been playing away with each other.
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Infidelity in the virtual world
As the virtual world steps up to a new level with the launch of Second Life which allows people to make a virtual character in their own image and conduct all aspects of life, there is concern about w...
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The lies men tell to women
Men lie. It's a phrase we have all heard before, whether it's from a friend trying to console us following a harsh break-up with who we thought was the man of our dreams, or the discovery of an infidelity.
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Cole's case highlights infidelity boom
Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole is just the latest victim of a depressingly common scenario.
search on: Coles-case-highlights-infidelity-boom
Cheating 'unwrapped' in new book
Modern life is making it easier for people to have affairs, according to a woman who has written a book on the subject.
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Long-term couples can still experience first flush
Contrary to previous views that love and sexual desire reach their peak at the beginning of a relationship, recent research has revealed that some couples will still be as passionate after 20 years to...
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Stars to make 'new pact' of love in 2009
It seems that 2009 could be a good year for troubled couple Cheryl and Ashley Cole.
search on: Stars-make-new-pact-love-2009
Four Costly Mistakes of Divorcing Women
Recent surveys of divorce lawyers have highlighted four new areas that can cost women when getting divorced:
search on: Four-Costly-Mistakes-Divorcing-Women
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