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Prince Harry late for important date
Prince Harry recently fell out of his girlfriend's good books after failing to meet her at the airport.
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The King and the Prince: As rumours emerge that Mollie King is dating Prince Harry
Mollie King''s staying firmly silent over rumours that she''s dating Prince Harry.
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Prince Harry and Chelsy split
Prince Harry and his long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy have ended their romance, according to reports.
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Coping with the greater stresses of Venus and Mars
His first relationship book achieved a mythical status usually reserved for religious texts and the Harry Potter series and now John Gray has produced a sequel.
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Loved-up royal couple 'closer than ever'
Cute royal couple Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy call each other 'hubby' and 'wifey', according to media reports.
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Mariah's got the hots for Prince Charles
International super star Mariah Carey has revealed she has a crush on Prince Charles, according to reports.
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Everybody's faking it
There is one stand-out scene in the hit romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally and new research reveals that Meg Ryan's character's revelations are typical of many women.
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Actor weds musician fiance
It seems that Gary Oldman has not yet tired of love as the 50-year-old has married for the fourth time.
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