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Census shows Irish marriage splits rising
The 2011 Census for Ireland revealed an increase in both marriages and divorces . More than 200,000 people divorced and 116,194 separated, based on a total population which rose to 4.58 million.
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Young Irish women earning more than their partners
The Economic and Social Research Institute in collaboration with University College Dublin has revealed that women in young couples in Ireland are increasingly likely to earn more money and have a bet...
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Cohabiting before Marriage can increase chance of Divorce

Cohabiting has become the norm - 80 per cent of us cohabit before marrying. Since 2001, the number of cohabiting couples in the UK has risen dramatically from 2.1 million to 2.9 milli

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Cohabiting couples 'just as committed'
As more and more couples choose not to tie the knot but simply to live together, people ask them why they are not getting married.
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Divorce reduces chances of successful future love
After separating or divorcing, the chances of marrying or cohabiting again in the future decrease, new research has revealed.
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Making cohabiting work
Couples often decide to move in together assuming it will be a fairytale romance, but living on top of each other can bring about some stark realities, so there are important considerations to bear in...
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UK marriage in decline
Marriage rates in England and Wales have plummeted to an all-time low, new research out today reveals.
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