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Salon Members are intelligent, cultured, cosmopolitan, and sociable. As are most readers of The Baronage Press, they are interested in heraldry and history and genealogy, naturally, as well as in chivalry and romance -- and in art, literature, cinema, theatre, politics, the sport of kings, and in philosophy and humanity too.

The Salon is their meeting place -- its
anteroom their forum -- and this is where they establish contact, make new friends, discover distant relations, and expand their social network internationally.

...As regular readers are aware, The Salon began life as an impish suggestion for a marital alliance bureau made by Colonel Baron Xavier-Xavier "Za-Za" Forbes Houdemont de Sapinberg for an upmarket marital alliance bureau with a sense of humour.

His draft application form was rejected, but the idea itself  was expanded to create this medium for witty and sophisticated cyberfriends to develop their relationships in the real world on the basis of shared beliefs and shared values

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       The arms at the head of this page appear with the kind permission of their owner Colonel Baron Xavier-Xavier Forbes Houdemont de Sapinberg on whose ideals The Salon and its anteroom are based