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Applicants must register a profile on “Love and Friends” before they can apply for membership of The Salon, which is an exclusive enclave within the Love and Friends website, www.loveandfriends.com.

To register a profile please click here. You do not have to include a photograph of yourself at this stage unless you wish to, but you do need a “username” or pseudonym.

To apply to join The Salon, send an e-mail to TheSalon@baronage.co.uk to inform us of the pseudonym you have registered on Love and Friends. If you didn’t included a picture of yourself when you registered, attach one now if you wish.

If you prefer to use an heraldic device or a logo as an avatar, you may, as long as it’s not your own coat of arms or anybody else’s either, obviously. Applications are vetted by Colonel Baron Xavier-Xavier Forbes Houdemont de Sapinberg, who will be happy to advise you on this and to answer any other queries you might have. If you wish to include any extra details about yourself at this stage, please feel free to do so.

All applicants will be contacted by the Colonel as soon as their applications have been processed. Membership of The Salon is by his invitation only, but he’s sure you will all be delightful and looks forward to meeting you soon.


The arms at the head of this page appear with the kind permission of their owner Colonel Baron Xavier Xavier Forbes Houdemont de Sapinberg on whose ideals The Salon and its anteroom are based