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... Women prefer accountants to James Bonds Women prefer accountants to James Bonds

30 October 2008

British women may think they want a James Bond-style adventure, but new research reveals that their Mr Right is more likely to have job security than spontaneous sophistication.

UK females pretend like they want a whirlwind adventure of a romance with a bad boy, but in reality they are looking for a bit of safety and security.

What women really want is an account boyfriend and marriage rather than some dizzy heights of a romance.

Just one in four women said they would love to be whisked away by a James Bond-type figure who would do crazy things such as propose four months into a relationship and ask her to move to a different country.

Around 55 per cent of respondents to a survey by Parship said they would not risk their job security or give up their friends and family after such a short time of being with someone.

Women were more impressed with a bunch of flowers, a date at a nice restaurant, or a romantic weekend away than a Quantum of Solace adventure.

Women in London were most concerned with job security should they receive a surprise marriage proposal.

Around 57 per cent of them said they would not give up their job for a proposal from a man they had only known for four months.

In the south this number stood at 56 per cent the same as in the north and Scotland - followed by the Midlands and Wales with 52 per cent.

Psychiatrist Dr Victoria Lukats said: "Whilst an all-expenses paid year-long adventure certainly has some appeal, it seems that for most people this would only be pure fantasy.

"Even in this hypothetical situation, perhaps even imagining the perfect partner in the scenario, the people who would openly throw caution to the wind are in the definite minority. It's also interesting that men would find the idea much more tempting than women. This survey shows that many people, especially women, find security and stability much more attractive than