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... Women more complex than men Women more complex than men

16 November 2007

Science has known for centuries that men evolve faster than women, as is evident in the animal kingdom where males of various species have more impressive plumage and features.

But new research has shown that men evolve faster because they are in fact simpler.

While many women will claim to have known this for centuries, science can now prove them right.

Researchers from the University of Florida found that the extra X chromosome in women made answering the call of selection more complex.

Marta Wayne, from the University of Florida, said: "It's because males are simpler.

"The mode of inheritance in males involves simpler genetic architecture that does not include as many interactions between genes as could be involved in female inheritance."

David Rand, a research from Brown University described females' advantage thus: "The best way to think of it is males play with one card, but females get to play one and hold one.

"If males have got a good trait, it's promoted; something bad, it's eliminated. In females you can have a bad card, but a good card can protect it."

So perhaps men are not far off the mark when they say women are the more complicated sex.ADNFCR-1043-ID-18358420-ADNFCR