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... Why it's worth waiting to cohabit Why it's worth waiting to cohabit

30 September 2007

As living together without being married becomes increasingly accepted, many people find that convenience, finances and other factors can be very tempting, but it's not always the right move for everyone.

Dating is fun. The thrill of the relationship is kept at the maximum level and you can really appreciate each other's company

And living alone or with friends also gives you a lot of freedom and the chance to enjoy it before you get tied down with too many responsibilities.

It is also important to assess where you see the relationship going before making the decision to move in together. Are you heading for marriage or will you eventually break up and have to divide up all your mutually purchased possessions.

Studies also indicate that couples who live together are less likely to get married and of those that do, are 50 per cent likely to get a divorce.

And don't forget: you have the rest of your life to live with a partner, so why rush into it?ADNFCR-1016-ID-18298775-ADNFCR