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... What your name says about your dating style What your name says about your dating style

25 October 2007

Your name can have an impact on how you are perceived by your date, a new survey ahs revealed.

Men think that women named Kelly are most likely to get friendly between the sheets on a first date.

Tanya is the name which is also associated with action early on in a relationship, with Debbie at three and Becky in at number four, the research by revealed.

Other girls' names to make the list include Steph, Michelle, Tina, Lisa, Carly and Nicky.

But men are not free from associations with their name. And there are some names that would encourage women to steer clear.

Men called Lee are the most likely to be assumed to put the moves on during a first date, with Dave in second place.

Andy, Steve, Kevin, Gary, Paul, Darren, Jason and Ben are also likely lads cited by girls as having the potential to move things along quickly.

John Sewell, a spokesperson for the polling company, said: "It is strange how certain names have certain connotations. If guys have a good experience with a girl of a certain name they tend to remember them and likewise if they have a bad experience."

He said of the men's list: "All the traditional names came top of the list of ones girls said they would avoid at all costs on nights out.