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... 'Undercover lovers' living in the UK 'Undercover lovers' living in the UK

12 February 2008

The UK has a surprisingly high number of romantics as Valentine's Day nears despite prudish rumours, according to online travel and leisure retailer

An astonishing 75 per cent of people look forward to Valentine's Day and use the day to pamper their loved one with gifts, chocolate and attention, with just nine per cent saying they would avoid it because it was a commercial scam.

The romantic day is still traditional too for many, with an engagement ring at the top of the list for women, followed closely by roses, while a dirty weekend away is the most popular for men.

The most popular places to visit on a holiday excursion are Paris, followed by Rome and Barcelona. Amsterdam and Venice came next as the top place to book a romantic getaway with a loved one.

More singles are also getting off the sofa on Valentine's Day as well to try their luck, with 52 per cent of singles planning to go out for some fun and to perhaps meet their other half this Thursday.