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... UK workplaces 'full of romance' UK workplaces 'full of romance'

25 June 2008

Love is more rife in British workplaces than it is in many offices across Europe, according to a new survey.

A survey conducted by recruitment website found that if you are looking for love in the workplace, you are most likely to have success in Greece, Spain or the Netherlands.

Around 66 per cent of Greek workers had had a relationship with a co-worker, while 51 per cent of Dutch and 46 per cent of Spanish people had done the same.

The UK was next in line with 40 per cent, according to the survey, which also saw Britain tied with Sweden and the US.

One in five Britons had dated a colleague who had a better job in the company than they did.

It seems that office romances are most accepted in the Netherlands, with just seven per cent saying they kept their office relationship a secret.

While some may be simply be short-term flings, the study showed that 29 per cent of Americans who had office relationships actually got married to their colleague.

The survey also identified a number of key occasions where office romances were likely to blossom, including during Happy Hour at a bar, at a company holiday party, at an off-site meeting or during a late shift.

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