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... Tips for live-in lovers Tips for live-in lovers

19 September 2007

Living together can lead to a relationship quickly becoming mundane and everyday, but relationships expert Laura Berman told the Sun Times some tips to keep the magic alive.

Discuss your future plans before you move it together. Is this a permanent arrangement? Is marriage on the cards? Make sure your expectations match or this could be the wrong direction for your relationship

Make sure saving money isn't the main reason for justifying the move. Even if you spent most nights at one another's homes before the move, living together is a very different story.

Finding a new flat, rather than one moving into the other's is generally the best idea so that you share the territory. This will mean you have a fresh start in some ways and will build your home together.

Sharing household chores between you is also a way to stop small niggles getting out of control.

Perhaps most important at all for building a relationship that can stand the test of time is making sure you have elements of your life which do not include each other.

Go out without them and give them the freedom to see their friends without you there. This will stop things becoming mundane and make you appreciate time together all the more.ADNFCR-1016-ID-18286558-ADNFCR