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... The signs of love The signs of love

12 February 2008

Sexologist Yvonne K Fulbright has explained to Fox News that being shy, manic and obsessed could all be signs of being helplessly in love.

Ms Fulbright cites Dr Helen Fisher's Why We Love, which explains that those in love can initially feel shy and awkward, with faster breathing and a sudden stammer.

She goes on to add that being suddenly manic and changing yourself, through clothing style to habits, can also be physical symptoms of "the love bug".

"Romantic love, however, helps us to focus our mating attention on a specific person, helping us to conserve our energy and time with one courtship," explains Ms Fulbright.

It is also reported that the NHS has introduced "sexercise" as a means of promoting better health and sexual well-being.

The BBC has revealed that the promotion of sex as exercise has been supported by scientific evidence by NHS Direct, which claims it can reduce heart disease and risk of cancer.