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... The rise of the 'freemales' The rise of the 'freemales'

14 April 2008

An increasing number of British women are taking control of their love lives and choosing when and with whom they want to have a relationship with, according to an article in the Observer.

While the stereotype of a single woman in her 30s is that of a lonely, pining Bridget Jones, the reality is that many women are just enjoying life too much to notice they have not got a man

The article dubs these women 'freemales' – single woman who are happy to be just that.

They are living life to the full, have great careers, a great social life and look pretty darn good too.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal that the number of women aged between 25 and 44 living alone has doubled in the past 20 years.

Jane Macvarish, a sociologist from the University of Kent, who has been researching the topic of single women, told the newspaper: "Today there is no pressure to be married by a certain age, or to be a mother by a certain age.

"The old pathways of relationships have gone, dissolved. 'They have good careers. They have enjoyable lives, so they don't feel there is a gap. It's all about how you feel at the time."

She warned however: "You have to weigh that up against how you might feel in the future, which is difficult. It's hard to think today, "Well, if I don't have a baby in three years' time will I regret it in five?"

The sociologist also warned women who have decided not to get into a relationship right now because they are loving life too much to be careful they don't scupper their chances for the future.

She said: "There are some who have stepped off the relationship conveyor belt, fully intending to get back on it in their mid-to-late thirties, but then can't find a partner."

Denise Knowles said part of the issue when it comes to the rise in independent single women is that there just aren't enough good men out there