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... The lies men tell to women The lies men tell to women

23 October 2007

Men lie. It's a phrase we have all heard before, whether it's from a friend trying to console us following a harsh break-up with who we thought was the man of our dreams, or the discovery of an infidelity.

We have all said it and thought it. And Dolly Mix have put together a list of the most commonly encountered lies that men tell, which can only help women to take their advances with a pinch of salt or to detect if a potential break-up is round the corner

The first lie is telling you that they will call you tomorrow. Remember girls, he might just be saying this as a way to round off a date. Don't wait on him forever; if he's keen he will call in the next couple of days.

Second up is "I'm not seeing anyone else". Again, there is always the chance that he is saying this to reel you in and that you may not be the only one receiving texts from him late at night.

The next one is a real cheesy favourite: "No one understands me like you do". It is pretty difficult to trust someone who says this, so unless you have known each other a good few weeks, this is likely to set alarm bells ringing.

And finally: "I love you". It's a sorry state of affairs when the ultimate expression gets used willy-nilly, but the fact is that girls can't help falling for this one.

So next time you have a date, keep an ear open for these old classics to determine if you're onto a winner or not.ADNFCR-1016-ID-18327811-ADNFCR