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... The death of the romantic breakfast in bed The death of the romantic breakfast in bed

19 March 2008

British men would most like to wake up to breakfast in bed with Kelly Brook or Denise Van Outen, while the ladies would love to start the day with Johnny Depp or David Beckham, according to a new poll.

A study conducted by Travelodge found that these celebrities were the most fancied celebrities.

Other entries in the top ten, included Kylie Minogue, Catherine Zeta Jones and Vicar of Dibley star Dawn French, while the women voted for dreamy Colin Forth and Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt.

It seems however that the much-loved breakfast in bed, which has been a staple of romantic couples for decades is now on the decline.

The company's research revealed that 74 per cent of Brits feel this indulgent activity will become extinct within the next ten years.

Some 40 per cent of Britons said they could not remember the last time they were treated to breakfast in bed by their partner or children.

Depressingly, one in five have never had the luxury of dining between the sheets.

The top reason cited by survey respondents was lack of time, while a strict 24 per cent said that breakfast should only be eaten at the table.

A cleanly 18 per cent think breakfast in bed is a no-no because they don't want to get crumbs in their beds.

The study, conducted by interviewing around 2,500 Britons, also revealed that one in ten feel that lying in bed eating breakfast is far too lazy, while some just think it is simply unromantic.

Interestingly, the survey also revealed that some people fear the health and safety risks associated with eating breakfast in bed especially when in the buff.

Around seven per cent of people have scaled themselves on tea, coffee or hot chocolate after having an accident while in bed naked ruining any romantic notions.

Leigh McCarron, sleep director at Travelodge, said: "There are few things in life more luxurious than having a decent b