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... The Miranda complex: women and their money The Miranda complex: women and their money

3 October 2007

The theory that single woman are scaring off men with their success is gaining weight, resulting in a generation of women who feel they must be secretive about their salary.

Dubbed the Miranda complex, after the high-flying character in Sex and the City, more men are struggling to overcome being in a relationship with someone who earns more than them.

The Daily Telegraph reports a case in which a group of women who work as lawyers have resorted to telling men they meet that they are in fact air hostesses

Paula Hall, a relationship psychotherapist, is quoted by the paper as saying: "This problem seems to come up more and more regularly in my line of work.

"There is still a stereotype that men are the providers and if a man gets a lot of his self-worth from work and financial reward, it can be quite wounding when a partner earns more than him.

"They become insecure and anxious that she might find someone better. And anxiety occurs about the future. They think: is this woman still going to be a go-getter in ten year's time and, if so, who is going to take the kids on the school run?"ADNFCR-1043-ID-18303648-ADNFCR