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... Tana Ramsay 'is right to stand by her man' Tana Ramsay 'is right to stand by her man'

30 November 2008

Following recent allegations that her celebrity chef husband has been having an extra marital affair for the last seven years, Tana Ramsay could easily be forgiven for looking strained.

However, the 33-year-old mum of four has managed to keep smiling and look stunning as she and Gordon put on a united front for the press.

But is she right to ignore the rumours and work to keep her marriage happy and secure?

Most certainly, according to ITV news reporter Rachel Royce.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Ms Royce explained that she has every sympathy for yummy mummy Tana, whose hubby has been accused of cheating on her with Jeffrey Archer's former mistress.

The journalist revealed that despite divorcing her ex-husband Rod Liddle after it came to light that he had conducted an affair with his secretary, she actually wishes that she was still in a relationship with him.

Not just because she misses his company, but because she also misses the lifestyle that accompanies married life.

Musing on the situation potentially facing Tana, she said: "[Tana] is married to one of the sexiest men in Britain, he earns millions of pounds a year, they could probably hire a Caribbean island for their family holidays if they wanted to and they have four beautiful children together.

"It's not just the money, it's the lifestyle that goes with it. Gordon is feted wherever he goes and no swanky party in Britain would be complete without him.

"The Ramsays were at newsreader Kirsty Young's 40th birthday party at a posh hotel in Somerset the very morning the story of his affair broke."

Ms Royce went on to say that one of the reasons she decided to end things with her former husband was that she was too proud to stay with him following his affair.

However, looking back, she now thinks that she could have handled things somewhat differently.

"The truth is, I gave up my h