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... Study challenges stereotype of insatiable male Study challenges stereotype of insatiable male

5 February 2008

A new book is challenging conventional wisdom by claiming there are times when a man does not want sex.

Before writing He's Just Not Up for It Anymore, co-authors and husband and wife Bob Berkowitz and Susan Yager-Berkowitz surveyed over 4,000 men and women in sexless marriages, conducting hundreds of interviews.

Some 68 per cent of men blamed their sexual drought on their partner's lack of adventure beneath the bedsheets, while three in five were deterred by their lover's apparent unenthusiasm.

Nearly half of men said they had not lost interest in sex with other women, while 44 per cent claimed they felt unloved, controlled or bullied by their lover, Fox News reports.

Two out of five had been turned off by their lady gaining weight, while their own weight gain had no impact on their libido.

Other reasons men gave included withholding sex as a punishment and past sexual trauma.