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... Singles more laid-back about finances Singles more laid-back about finances

8 January 2008

Smug marrieds have a new reason to feel self-satisfied as new research reveals single people are utterly blase about such small matters as the economy.

MORI research from Intelligent Finance reveals that single people are nearly twice as likely to ignore the Bank of England's latest decision on interest rates compared to couples.

Just one per cent of singles said they were 'extremely' worried about the effect of a rate change on their mortgage compared to eight per cent of couples.

It transpires being with a partner really does make you grow up - or do singles just have a better sense of perspective?

Cammy Amaira, director of sales for Intelligent Finance, said: "It seems that the image of the care-free single is certainly true where mortgages are concerned. But regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, making your money work harder for you by choosing the right mortgage should be a priority."