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... Silver Surfers finding love online Silver Surfers finding love online

23 May 2008

You might think that online dating is a pastime of the young, hip and trendy, but new research reveals that an increasing number of pensioners are finding love on the internet.

According to research carried out by Virgin Media,71 per cent of over-65s still have not grasped the beauty of the Web, however, of those who have, 18 per cent are using internet dating sites.

The research revealed that a third of over-60s dubbed 'silver surfers' are actively looking for friends and lovers online, whether through dating sites, internet forums, chat rooms or social networking sites.

The study revealed that one in 25 older Britons found the love of their life on the internet, with a further two per cent having been courageous enough to tie the knot with someone they had met on a dating site.

Sometimes, it can be hard for retired people to adapt to a quieter lifestyle once they have stopped working, but the research found that 82 per cent of people interviewed said the internet gave them a new lease of life especially if they found new lovers.

Silver surfers are also using the net to keep in touch with old friends who might have moved away, as well as for finding romance.

James Kydd, managing director of brand and marketing at Virgin Media, said: "The internet offers exciting opportunities for all ages. As the UK's largest residential broadband provider, we're delighted to see that more over 60s are embracing the web to keep in touch with friends and family as well as establish new relationships."

Digital Unite, which helps older Britons learn about new technology, has launched Silver Surfers' Day to raise awareness of the issue.

Mr Kydd added: "We hope Silver Surfers' Day encourages even more people to get online and benefit from all the internet has to offer."

Emma Solomon, managing director of Digital Unite, said: "The internet is accessible to everyone