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... Sex & The City girls living in the UK Sex & The City girls living in the UK

30 May 2008

Britain is full of its very own Sex and the City females, according to a new poll.

The study, which analysed the behaviours of British women, revealed that if Carrie Bradshaw were a real person living in the UK, she would live in London.

The capital city is the place where women are most likely to be similar to the lead in the hit TV show, which has just made its comeback on the big screen.

As thousands of women flood to the cinema to take part in the mass female bonding session that epitomises the Sex & the City film, researchers have found that these sassy characters are living among us.

Like fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker and the character she plays, London women just can't get enough of shopping and being a typical woman.

According to the report conducted by Friends Provident: "Carrie has a huge number of shoes but no home of her own.

"She rarely, if ever, thinks about her finances, and sometimes sacrifices lunch so she can afford shoes."

Sassy Samanthas are most likely to live in Wales, the survey found, while Mirandas can be found in Scotland and the south-east is the home to Charlotte-wannabes.

The study authors said: "Samantha is renowned for her great interest in men.

"She is also worried about ageing and has beauty treatments to combat it, to ensure that she can still attract them."

The study also reveals that women have a love affair with their shoes. A third of London women own at least 30 pairs of shoes, but just 46 per cent own their own home which shows where these fashionistas' priorities lie.

Women love their shoes so much, that 32 per cent have cut back on going out with their friends in order to afford a special pair.

A further 29 per cent of London women have skipped lunch or coffee, while 11 per cent have chosen not to go on holiday in order to get their hands on a gorgeous pair of shoes.