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... Seven year itch down to five Seven year itch down to five

30 October 2007

Married couples are most likely to divorce just before their fifth wedding anniversary, new research has shown.

This pushes the infamous seven year itch down two years, in an era when women are climbing the career ladder, earning their own money and reducing their reliance on men.

The researchers, who studied marriage patterns in the US, Scandinavia and Russia, found that dissatisfaction tended to set in at around after around five years of marriage.

It was found that those who can ride out the ups and downs of marriage for ten years are likely to last the distance.

Some of the explanations for the breakdown of marriage occurring earlier have included changing social structures such as more independence for women.

Those who marry younger were also found to have a greater chance of divorcing early.

Aiva Jasilioniene, an academic specialising in marriage and cohabitation studies who worked on the report, is quoted by the Daily Mail as saying: "Crisis point for the modern marriage is arriving sooner. One of the explanations for these changes in divorce risk is that during the first decade of marriage both partners go through crucial life - course transactions and challenging experiences - completion of education, building a career and so on.

"During the later years, the couple have developed strategies to deal with problems as they arise."ADNFCR-1043-ID-18336484-ADNFCR