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... Science challenges gender wisdom Science challenges gender wisdom

7 January 2008

Scientists are shattering popular preconceptions of the differences between the sexes with new research.

A study of fruit flies has revealed that sexual selection operates on both males and females, rather than just males as previously thought.

And another recent study found men are more willing than women to sacrifice their careers for romance.

Researchers asked 237 16 to 25 year-olds to rate the importance of goals including financial success, career, relationships, friendships and children.

They found 51 per cent of the women prioritised romance over achievement compared to 61 percent of men.

Lead researcher Sharon Danoff-Burg from the University of Albany said: "In our study, women have been strongly committed to working towards a successful career and are therefore hesitant to abandon their goals for a romantic relationship."

In general, women tended to score higher on measures of communion or relationships, while generally scored higher on measures of agency or the focus on oneself.