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... Same-Sex Marriage Receives Big Support in Ireland Same-Sex Marriage Receives Big Support in Ireland

3 April 2012

According to a new Red-C opinion poll 73% of people support same-sex marriage in Ireland.

This shows the pace of change is indeed quickening in Ireland with old conservative ideas no longer holding such strong sway. The Civil Partnership Act only came into effect on 1 January 2011. Following on from this the first publicly celebrated Irish civil partnership took place in Dublin on April 2011, between Hugh Walsh and Barry Dignam.

The poll asked voters their opinion on various proposed reforms, including same-sex marriages, which is one of the issues expected to be examined by a new Constitutional Convention being set up this year.

A couple other interesting facts were revealed:

51% believe references to women's "Life within the home" should be removed from the Bunreacht na hEireann (The Irish Constitution)
53% want the offence of blasphemy taken out of the Irish Constitution.