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... Russell Brand 'considering settling down' Russell Brand 'considering settling down'

24 April 2008

Comedian Russell Brand likes big girls and wants to settle down someday, according to media reports.

The 32-year-old funnyman is known for being a lothario and bedding lots of women, but it seems the star wants to make his mum happy by changing his ways.

According to reports, his mum wants him to find a good woman and settle down and the star is warming to the idea.

He told the Sun newspaper: "I hope I can settle down. I'm very anti-conformity and I sometimes think the family unit is a form of conditioning.

"But I do have a deep yearning to be in love and have children."

Unlike many famous men, the star has no problem with dating curvier girls rather than their size zero counterparts.

He told the newspaper: "I like big girls. I like quirky, intelligent girls."

The star, who is currently starring in film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, also revealed that his reputation as a charmer has not done him any favours, with women now offended when he does not try to get them into bed.

He said: "It's a bit of a slur for me not to try to charm a lady now."