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21 January 2008

Romance isn't dead, it seems.

When proposing, 54 per cent of British men still get down on one knee and 44 per cent bow to patriarchal convention and ask their partner's father for permission first.

The survey - carried out by online wedding guide - also found that more than half of men cried when their beloved said yes.

However, women were still not satisfied, with 65 per cent saying their man could have put more effort into his proposal.

And lax lads better buck up their ideas as it seems women can afford to be choosy, with 23 per cent having received more than one proposal.

However, a contented majority was satisfied with the timing of the proposal - 69 per cent said their man got it 'just right'.

Meanwhile, since it is a leap year, 2008 could see a boom in females popping the question, reports IT News.