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... Poll shows split in voters' sex habits Poll shows split in voters' sex habits

13 January 2008

A new survey has revealed the differences between the bedtime habits of liberal and conservative voters.

Playboy magazine commissioned the American poll, titled The Politics of Sex, to determine whether your political bias affects your night-time routine.

Some 55 per cent of Republicans have sex at least once a week compared to 43 per cent of Democrats.

Pollsters also asked for respondents' preferences among the presidential nominees. Fred Thompson supporters claimed to be having the most sex, with 14 per cent claiming to have sex daily compared to 12 per cent of Barack Obama supporters and five per cent of those backing Rudy Giuliani and Hillary Rodham Clinton respectively.

Meanwhile, Hillary's hubby Bill was voted the sexiest president of the last 40 years.

"We all kind of behave the same way, just vote in different ways and this emphasis on values probably is misplaced," Chris Napolitano of Playboy magazine told NBC.

Both liberals and conservatives said they were more turned on by intelligence than by physical appearance.