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... Men do the talking Men do the talking

12 November 2007

While women are often stereotyped as having the ability to chat endlessly, new research indicates that it is in fact men who are the biggest chatterboxes.

In a recent study, it was found that men are far more likely to dominate the conversation than women.

And the situations in which men are likely to lead the discussion are when talking to their partners, to groups of people or to strangers, while women come into their own chatting with friends and children.

Men are also more likely to want to influence their listeners, while women will kick off conversations about areas of mutual interest.

Campbell Leaper and Melanie Ayres, the psychologists who conducted the study, said: "Men were significantly more talkative than women. Gender differences may reflect a tendency among some men to control the conversational floor when interacting with women."

Their report said: "These findings compellingly debunk simplistic stereotypes about gender differences in language use.

"The notion that the female brain is built to systematically out-talk men is hard to square with the finding that gender differences appear and disappear, depending on the interaction context."ADNFCR-1043-ID-18352049-ADNFCR