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... Men becoming 'more body conscious' Men becoming 'more body conscious'

10 June 2008

It's not just the girls that care about what they look like on the beach, but men are becoming increasingly beach-bod conscious, according to new research.

As the warm weather begins, a new study undertaken by PruHealth to mark Men's Health Week this week, found that one in ten men are looking to ditch those beer bellies for more toned physiques in order to impress.

According to the research, these men just cannot wait to hit the beach so they can "flex" their muscles and attract scantily-clad ladies.

But it's not all for purely aesthetic reasons, as the research reveals that two out of every five men start a new diet and fitness regime because they simply want to be healthier.

Men could soon replace the ladies on the grooming front, with a significant number of male respondents to the survey saying they were into dieting and looking after themselves. Around 24 per cent said they use anti-wrinkle cream to hold back time, while a fifth said they often dieted for a special occasion or when starting a new job.

But the survey also revealed that men find it difficult to stick to, with beers, sweets, carbohydrates and other treats causing them too much temptation.

On average, guys spend 1,144 a year on alcohol and snacks after work, while a fifth said they just cannot resist greasy foods like takeaways, kebabs and fried foods that's double the number of women.

It seems the guys just cannot keep their hands off high-calorie snacks, with just under half saying they often snack on crisps either while at work or on their way to the office. A further 43 per cent seem to be addicted to chocolate bars.

Commenting on the results, Shaun Matisonn, CEO of PruHealth said: "It's encouraging to see a rise in the amount of men committing to getting fit and healthy.

"Obesity is on the rise among adults and children, so it's becoming increasingly important to make the effo