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... Men and women 'can read the opposite sex' Men and women 'can read the opposite sex'

23 July 2008

Men and women can tell whether the opposite sex wants a long-term relationship or is just after one thing by looking at their faces, according to new scientific research.

A Durham University study found that men with a square jaw, small eyes and a big nose will give off the signal to women that they want a one-night stand.

While this may put women off, the corresponding features in a woman who is portraying lust rather than love is likely to be more attractive to a man.

Those women who wanted long-term relationships are likely to have wide eyes and full lips, such as actress Angelina Jolie, website reports.

Women, on the other hand, prefer men with soft features and judged them to be the ones who were after a long-term commitment rather than a fling.

The study, which was also carried out by St Andrews and Aberdeen Universities, looked at the attitudes towards the opposite sex of around 700 straight people.

Published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, it revealed that 72 per cent of the participants were able to correctly identify the sexual attitudes of people of the opposite sex.