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... Mariah's got the hots for Prince Charles Mariah's got the hots for Prince Charles

18 April 2008

International super star Mariah Carey has revealed she has a crush on Prince Charles, according to reports.

He may be 59, with two grown up children, but that has not stopped the Without You singer having a soft spot for the heir to the throne.

While other women might fall for Prince Charles's sons William and Harry, Mariah says there is something about their father which is extremely attractive.

She said: "I rather fancy Prince Charles. He's suave, educated and is a great role model."

During her stay in England recently, she also revealed she has a thing for British men in general.

And who's the top of her list? None other than former Pop Idol contestant Darius Danesh, who is 11 years younger than her.

She recently saw him play Rhett Butler on stage in Gone With The Wind in London.

The warbler said: "He's a great looking guy. I liked him a lot."


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