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... Manners go a long way in the dating game Manners go a long way in the dating game

22 November 2008

More than half of women said a man's manners on a first date will affect whether or not she chooses to go on a second date with him.

It seems that slurping soup, biting fingernails, burping and other etiquette faux pas do not go down with potential dates.

A survey reported in Glamour magazine revealed that 87 per cent of men think manners are a good indication of character in a partner.

They therefore try and be on their best behaviour themselves while on a first date in the hopes of winning her round.

Other rude habits include talking with your mouth full and ditching a knife when eating a romantic dinner, according to the survey.

But when it comes to manners, it seems that people have double standards. Around 75 per cent of people who swear in public said they did not like it when other people swore.

Etiquette expert Rachel Holland told Glamour magazine: "People do it because they can't get their point of view across and (mistakenly) think swearing has more of an impact."

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