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3 December 2007

All couples have difficult times and challenges to overcome, and some may not last the test of time. But relationship expert Dr Gail Saltz told Today some tips for holding a relationship together and making it stronger.

Her first piece of advice is to be flexible. And the best way to match your interests is to pick someone similar to you. Couples with values, goals and morals in common are more likely to go the distance.

But however similar you are, compromise will always be necessary, which means niggles slide.

This also means accepting that you won't love everything about your partner. Although many people find this hard to accept, it is essential to learn to take the ups and downs of your relationship.

Giving a lot of yourself to your partner will also help to solidify your bond. Dr Saltz recommends giving 80 per cent of yourself, putting them before you. This should make your partner feel satisfied and loved and will be more likely to treat you in the same way.

Treasuring your "life history" is also important. This is all the experiences you have had as a couple which is personal only to the two of you. Some aspects are likely to be negative, but hopefully you can look back at the support you offered one another through difficult times.ADNFCR-1043-ID-18379075-ADNFCR