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... Make this one a happy Valentine's Day Make this one a happy Valentine's Day

6 February 2008

Many singles view Valentine's Day with dread.

In fact, 43 per cent of single women feel indifference or dislike towards the day, according to a recent dating survey by

However, there is no need to be down in the dumps just because you are without a gentlemen friend, insists dating expert Stephany Alexander.

"Valentine's Day is not just for couples anymore," she says.

Stephany's top tips for having a fantastic Valentine's Day irrespective of your relationship status include recognising that having a significant other does not define you.

She also highlights the commercialism of the day: you can choose to transcend the hype.

One of two approaches is advisable - according to Stephany, you should either treat the day exactly as you would any other or pamper yourself and celebrate platonic and familial relationships.

She adds: "Valentine's Day is for being grateful about love in all its forms which can be everything from loving a parent or grandparent, to loving your child or a friend.

"It can even be as simple as celebrating your love for a pet. However, as Whitney Houston once sang, the greatest gift of all is learning to love yourself."