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... Keeping arguments healthy Keeping arguments healthy

13 December 2007

All couples fight. It's just one of those things. But whether arguing could spell the end of your relationship depends on how you deal with the arguments and what they achieve.

Dr Victoria Luckats, a relationship expert, told the Metro some things that you can do to make sure your arguments don't push your relationship in the wrong direction.

Couples should first make sure that they are not afraid to communicate with their partner about issues that bother them, even if it could result in an argument.

But they should avoid focusing on small things that cause bickering - no one is perfect and some things you just have to live with.

You should also make sure you have quality time together, doing activities which break from the routine, during which you set aside your differences and enjoy the things you love about one another.

The little things that show you care are also essential, like buying each other presents, especially ones which are personal to the two of you, or making breakfast for your partner.

Try to tackle major issues honestly and calmly, with resolution being the name of the game.

If you both make an effort it is possible to make changes that will improve your relationship.ADNFCR-1016-ID-18393671-ADNFCR

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