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... Getting to know you? Getting to know you?

8 January 2008

First impressions count and so do first questions.

Laurie Seale, Diane Mapes and Sharyn Wolf have all written best-selling books about how to successfully navigate the dating scene.

Now the dating aficionados have combined their experience to come up with the five best questions to ask if you really want to get to know somebody.

They advised asking your date what they would do if their company gave them a one-year paid sabbatical. This reveals their passions and priorities.

Secondly, ask them to share an embarrassing moment with you to see if they have a sense of humour - and be willing to share one of your own.

Next, ask them what they would save were their house on fire to give you a sense of their values.

Fourthly, ask them the biggest misconception people have about them, to see how they view themselves.

And finally, ask them about their regrets, as these are always deeply revealing.

Seale, author of The Questions to Ask Before You Jump into Bed, told "You're not looking for your clone. You're judging whether someone shares your values and goals to see whether they'd be a good long-term partner."