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14 September 2007

Susan Thomas, a dating expert, has given men some pointers to help them bag the girl of their dreams.

Her first piece of advice is to go up to a woman you are interested in and spark up a light-hearted conversation. Don't try to impress her, just be yourself and keep the conversation chatty and breezy

Give her attention and a compliment, but don't over-do it. Showing her you are interested when you are not physically together is also important, perhaps with a phone call or text message.

Stay confident by making the most of your qualities and accomplishments. This will most likely translate into charm and wit, making conversation flow easily.

But remember to ask her questions about herself. Many men forget about this and simply respond to questions she asks them.

Don't be shy to reveal your stronger side. Women are attracted to strong men, who they believe can provide a physical and emotion rock for them.

Keeping the mystery is also a great way to keep a woman interested. Keep some facts about yourself back from her - let her find them out as your relationship progresses.

Using these steps should help you develop a game plan for yourself, giving you the confidence to meet women, either face-to-face or through internet dating, which is a great way to meet like-minded people.