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... Flashy dancers 'most attractive' to women Flashy dancers 'most attractive' to women

14 October 2008

Well you can tell by the way he works that floor if he's a woman's man, according to new research.

A scientific study out this week showed that men who can throw down moves akin to John Travolta in cult classic movie Saturday Night Fever are most attractive to the ladies.

The study conducted at the University of Hertfordshire revealed that women are turned on by some well co-ordinated dance moves as it reminds them of a mating ritual.

Complex moves were most likely to get women hot under the collar, while ridiculous dad dancing or the side-to-side shuffle were found to be a complete turn-off.

Scientists found that while funny moves such as David Brent's embarrassing dancing in The Office will get you nowhere in the dating game.

Similarly, shuffling from left foot to right foot shows no charisma and is likely to see you overlooked by the opposite sex.

According to Dr Peter Lovatt, who conducted the research, dancing is equivalent to the courtship and mating rituals of animals and birds.

He said: "It is all about how we communicate through dance. There is an evolutionary reason why we dance in a particular way as Darwin suggested, dancing is a bit like a courtship ritual to catch the eye of a high-quality member of the opposite sex.

"I wanted to examine which features of the dances we see in nightclubs make men seem more masculine, dominant or attractive."

Dancer-turned-scientist Dr Lovatt conducted the study by showing women short video clips of himself doing various dance moves.

The 55 respondents had to then rate the different moves in terms of the performer's masculinity, attractiveness and dominance.

It revealed that men who merely shuffle from side to side on the dance floor were the least attractive, least masculine and least dominant while the Travolta-esque mover was found to be a winner in all categories.

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