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... Everybody's faking it Everybody's faking it

10 December 2008

There is one stand-out scene in the hit romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally and new research reveals that Meg Ryan's character's revelations are typical of many women.

A study reveals that one in three women fake it when making love, just as Sally does in the famous film.

Despite the sexual revolution and women's liberation, it seems that many girls are just faking it to please their partners.

According to the survey by one in three women fake it at least some of the time.

But men also fake it too, the study found. A staggering one in four men said they sometimes feel they have to when making love to a partner.

Reasons given for faking it by both men and women include doing it to ensure their partner does not feel inadequate or to make them feel good.

Other reasons include not fancying the other person enough, to get it over and done with and to make up or avoid an argument.

Some people said they had to fake it because they had been trapped in an unhappy relationship.

It seems that people fake it no matter what age they are, with 60 year olds just as likely as 18 year olds feign passion.

The more beautiful you are, however, the more likely you are to fake it, while short people were far more likely to fake it than taller lovers.