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... Drew Barrymore 'glowing' over new love Drew Barrymore 'glowing' over new love

4 March 2008

First Tom Cruise did it, now Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend have poured out their heart on Oprah Winfrey's sofa.

A few years ago, Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise proclaimed his love for now wife Katie Holmes on the US chat show.

Now Charlie's Angel Drew Barrymore and her new boyfriend Justin Long have gushed about their love for each other.

But it was clear for all to see without them having to declare it, with Oprah noticing Barrymore's glow.

The actress, whose films include ET and Never Been Kissed, said: "I've found a best friend, it's the best."

She added: "This relationship is great; it's healthy and it's productive and it's supportive and it's full of humour.

"All our friends get along great, which is awesome because we travel together in packs. We're having an excellent time."