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... Draper reveals secrets of healthy relationships Draper reveals secrets of healthy relationships

21 January 2008

Derek Draper has revealed his wife - GMTV presenter Kate Garraway - gets irate when he inadvertently goes into 'therapist mode'.

The former spin doctor is now a psychotherapist and, writing in the Daily Mail, wryly notes that both he and Kate are "good talkers" but that he has to ensure he does not use the techniques of his profession in their disputes.

Draper says poor communication can cause depression, stress and even heart problems.

He has identified Five Lessons for Healthy Relationships.

Firstly: stroke, don't slap. This rule emphasises the importance of praise, encouragement and support as opposed to negativity.

Secondly, listen actively and talk meaningfully. Really take time to understand what your partner is thinking and express your own feelings eloquently.

Thirdly, self-examine. Question your own reactions to determine whether they signify something deeper than they superficially suggest.

Fourthly, rather than always seeking the last word, be the first one to say sorry and forgive.

Finally, recognise that a good relationship requires effort. Don't take each other for granted.