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8 September 2008

Telling someone you like them will boost your sex appeal, it has been revealed.

Research conducted at the University of Aberdeen suggests that the extent to which you signal how much you are attracted to another person plays a role in what the other person thinks of you.

Report co-author Dr Ben Jones believes that eye contact and smiling play a similarly crucial part in the process.

"Our latest research highlights how social cues, which signal the extent to which others are attracted to you, also play a crucial role in attraction," he confirmed.

Researchers reached their conclusions after showing volunteers flash cards depicting different facial expressions.

"What we found was that the preference for the attractive face was much stronger when people were judging those faces that were looking at them and smiling," Dr Jones said.

The study, Integrating Facial Attractiveness And Cues Of Social Attractiveness, appears in the journal Psychological Science.