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... Coping with the greater stresses of Venus and Mars Coping with the greater stresses of Venus and Mars

31 January 2008

His first relationship book achieved a mythical status usually reserved for religious texts and the Harry Potter series and now John Gray has produced a sequel.

Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus caused a sensation upon its publication in 1992 and has been translated into 40 different languages.

Gray's latest tome - Why Mars And Venus Collide - advises couples on how to better understand and nurture each other within the context of today's more stressful lifestyles.

In extracts featured in the Daily Mail, Gray restates the fundamentals of his original theory.

"Our greatest challenge is to acknowledge that men and women cope with stress differently," he writes.

Gray says that while most men will withdraw to their cave in times of stress, women generally want to vent their feelings.

He is also characteristically optimistic, arguing that the tendency to "collide" can be overcome so that men and women "instead come together in mutually supportive ways".