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... Choosing the right gift Choosing the right gift

7 December 2007

As Christmas time creeps up on us, it can be a romantic season for many couples.

But for those in a new relationship, the idea of having to choose the right gift can be daunting.

How much to spend, how personal to make the gift and which passing comments may have in fact been helpful hints are questions running through the minds of most new couples, reports Reuters.

A list of the top ten presents to avoid has been put together by Yahoo! personals, with jewellery coming in at number one. It is felt that such a gift, particularly rings, can intimidate people who see it as representing commitment.

But on the flip side, anything impersonal or lacking effort may give the reverse impression. This can include practical household or work-related items.

Lingerie is another tricky area. This can send out the wrong message and can seem a little forward.

Clothing is also a dangerous choice, particularly in relation to sizes. And with this in mind, avoid gifts that suggest you want your partner to change, such as gym membership.

Selfish gifts which appear to be something the giver would have chosen for themselves are also a no-no. Tickets to sports events are a classic example.

Pets are another tempting option - how can she not love a bunny rabbit? - but they are commitment and you need to be really sure that your partner really wants a pet.ADNFCR-1043-ID-18386483-ADNFCR