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... Celebrities Greatest Kisses Celebrities Greatest Kisses

14 March 2012

Celebrities were asked to reveal their most memorable kiss for a Youtube video made by the British Heart Foundation.

ITV weather girl Clare Nasir was filled with tears as she said, “My greatest kiss was on November 11, 2009 when my daughter was born. She was six weeks premature and we almost lost her. It took us six years to have a baby and it was the best day of my life”.

For former EastEnders star Nadia Sawalha it was one that she shared with her husband in a lift in Sweden - adding mischievously"He knows the rest of the story”.

British Olympics gymnast Louis Smith said his kiss was at school when he was 18, kissing "That one girl older to you who you think is just amazing"

Hollyoaks actress Carely Stenson revealed her most memorable kiss was "When I woke up in the morning to find my nephews and nieces jumping on my bed, giving me lots of cuddles”.